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LE3 and Gold water filter reviews



My wife and I ordered and recently received our Kenrico LE3 shower head and Kenrico Gold Ion drinking water filter.  These were both retail internet purchases from a US distributor and we have not been compensated in any way for these reviews.


Our LE3 shower head arrived first.  It was shipped promptly from Japan, carefully packed and very impressive looking when we took it out of the box.  It has a rigid clear plastic body that contains several chambers of different colored round "beads".  The LE3 is solid-feeling so we also bought an all metal shower head cradle for better stability.


After stepping out of our first LE3 showers we both felt so much more energized and refreshed!  Instead of being saturated with chlorine, our bathroom's moist shower air now smells fresh and healthy.  My wife's hair has more natural body and it hot curls better now.  My scalp, skin and hair are all definitely smoother and retain more natural oils because of this shower head.


We bought the Kenrico Gold Ion drinking water filter to remove unwanted chemicals from our tap water with the bonus of never changing filters.  Its construction is extremely high quality and showcases precision metalwork with brilliant gold-colored plating.  We easily connected the filter to our kitchen faucet after unscrewing the aerator.  We were then enjoying amazing water in just a few moments!


Before buying our Kenrico filter we'd just get bottled water at the store or even drive to a local artesian well to fill up jugs and bring them home.  We love the fact this ancient spring water has a special "texture" while drinking it that creates a wonderful sensation.  No other tap, spring or bottled water we tried has this kind of unique artesian "water texture".


Our first sips of Kenrico Gold Ion filtered water were absolutely astonishing!  Its texture and feel instantly reminded us of the artesian water we'd been enjoying for years!  Kenrico filtered water has no discernable taste, but it certainly has the desirable sensation of a pristine, healthy and natural water source.


Using the combination of these two Kenrico filters insures all the water in our life is as healthy as possible.  Every shower is truly invigorating and we're now drinking amazing water with zero filter changes right from our tap.  We always make sure this water is cold in our refrigerator, frozen in ice cube trays and the coffee maker is now right by our kitchen sink!

David and Cindy Amick

June 30, 2023