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Health Marvels is one of the leading suppliers of detox foot patches in the United States. All of our detox foot patches are directly supplied from Japan, ensuring top quality and value.   

The manufacturer of our detox patches, KENRICO LTD OF JAPAN, is the only  manufacturer who can boast of having a factory that is "is GMP & ISO  9001 certified to ensure the highest standard and quality" of products and  who shows continued efforts "to invest in the research and innovation of  alternative medicines".  Check out their website for further details.



US Patent 8317762 for KENRICO PADS

European Patent EP 2908807 B1 for KENRICO PADS

US Patent 7182965 for SPOROPOLLENIN

As per Kenrico, please note the following relevant details on the DETOX PADS:

(a) Pads cannot detox without sporopollenin (US Patent 718965). Pads can only be called as “detox pads” when it contains sporopollenin. European FDA requested Kenrico to include this ingredient in all our products because the clinical studies showed that this product could not work without it.

(b) sellers of non-Kenrico pads are selling a counterfeit product that does not work because it does not contain sporopollenin.

“Dr.  Andrew Colucci, a Harvard-trained neuroradiologist, a licensed physician who holds outstanding two board certifications in the United States, has confirmed that Kenrico SAP Sheet are clinically proven to be safe, effective, and authentic.”

“Dr. Colucci warned that there are other products, made elsewhere, are in fact, a counterfeit or imitation patches that contain no sporopollenin, and function as a placebo. Interestingly, counterfeit SAP Sheets were utilized as the placebo control group in Kenrico's large clinical trials...”

His specialist certification number is 68404 with practice location in Massachusetts. Furthermore, his certification can be verified from the ABR website https://www.theabr.org/


Videos from Kenrico   - a number of videos from the manufacturer of the detox pads.